Stefano Brugnolo, the Arcus Partner responsible for the SMA acquisition commented: “Having reviewed the European smart metering landscape since 2015, we are extremely pleased to acquire SMA, our second investment in this sector. SMA is one of the largest MAPs in the UK smart metering market.”  

Arcus is co-investing alongside GLIL, the £2.5bn infrastructure fund backed by Local Pensions Partnership and Northern LPGS.

Katya Romashkan at GLIL, who is joining the board of SMA, said: “Energy assets like SMA are a critical part of the country’s future infrastructure and key to building a sustainable economy. We look forward to working with SMA and Arcus, who share or long-term investment horizon and sustainable investment objectives, and to providing stable, inflation-linked returns for our members.”  


Flexible SMART Meter Asset Provision

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