SMA's Environment, Social and Governance ("ESG") Commitment

We are committed to acting in a responsible manner in all our activities and holding ourselves, and those we do business with, to the highest standards of conduct and ethics.

SMA has developed and grown since its birth in 2014 by building strong relationships based on mutual trust and benefit; with our customers, supply chain partners, employees and investors.

Our belief is that to be successful we must act in the best interest of our people, our community, and our planet. Our aim is to ensure that such issues are considered at all levels of the Company’s business activities by:

  • Setting targets for environmental, social and governance matters which will be reported, monitored, reviewed and disclosed to our Board, employees and shareholders;
  • Adopting high standards of governance and ethics in our business conduct
  • Ensuring that our vision and ESG objectives are relevant, understood and communicated and that our employees demonstrate alignment to them
  • Identifying all material ESG risks in the business activities undertaken by SMA and ensuring that the risks are fully considered and managed in a responsible and ethical way
  • Ensuring that key decisions are only taken after full consideration of all material environmental, social and governance issues and risks
  • Providing appropriate information, instruction and training and ensuring that this policy is communicated to all persons working for SMA
  • Working together with our customers, suppliers and business partners to encourage them to adopt the principles or similar policies resulting in the same outcomes


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